MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass 6lb 3kg


Some people call Carnivor Madd the anabolic miracle food. This is because the product is more progressed than a standard mass gainer. Where usual supplements and gainers may be constrained in terms of speed of retention and the potential for affront spiking, Carnivor Mass exceeds expectations. It combines pure hydrolyzed beef protein isolate with a dual-action affront flag, increasing innovation known as iSpike. BPI and iSpike act in coordination to bolster made strides muscle anabolism whereas minimizing fat capacity. Carnivor Mass could be a quick, clean, and profoundly anabolic gainer. The BCAA and Creatine make sure the body gains healthy muscle mass by enhanced recovery and strength support. The added support of Calcium and Iron are essential to support elements that are crucial for healthy bones and overall well-being.