Russian Bear 2.2 Lbs | Chocolate Flavor


Russian Bear Nutrition 2.2 Lbs – 1 Kg – Chocolate Flavor

  • Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer Is The Ultimate Package
  • For Gaining Massive Lean Mass Without Gaining Fat.
  • This Advanced Formula Has Been Enriched With High-Quality
  • Proteins, Complex Carbohydrates, Fiber, And Essential Vitamins And Minerals.
  • The Russian Bear Guarantees Your Monster Results By
  • Allowing You To Gain True Mass. Monster’s Food Weight Gainer
  • Works To Create Mass, And Not Fat By Using The Best Ingredients For Your Health.
  • Russian Bear Weight Gainer Has A Protein-Based Formula Designed
  • To Help You Gain. Athletes And Bodybuilders Use It During
  • The Bulking Stages As It Has A High Protein-To-Card And Protein-To-Micro Fraction Ratio.